Hello & Welcome!

My name is Stefany. I’m a San Francisco Native with roots from El Salvador. I’m the proud daughter of two immigrant parents. I’m also Gordi’s fiance, a crazy Dog Mom to two cuddly pugs named Buggy and Otis, and have an amazing 13 year old stepdaughter.

This last decade has made me realize my absolute passion for travel. I’ve learned so much about myself and humankind by traveling to different countries across the world, interacting and conversing with people that have completely different cultural values than me, and taking the leap of stepping out of my comfort zone.

Gordi and I have both cultivated that traveling is intangible. Whether it’s the place on your bucket-list, that 5-star luxury experience, or that place you never thought you’d go to, you forever take that memory with you.

I have so much passion for creativity. I have over 9 years of past experience in the retail industry and I understand the level of detail that goes into showcasing products. 5 of those retail industry years include working for MAC Cosmetics as a retail makeup artist.

After working for MAC Cosmetics, I worked as a freelance professional makeup artist for 6 years, which included gigs as a makeup artist for weddings, fashion shows, group seminars, individual lessons and special events.

I also love fashion! I love dressing up, I love cultural fashion pieces, vibrant colors and accessories. You’ll notice the energy and effort I put into my outfits when traveling. I pride myself in being a plus (or as I love to call it, curvy) sized woman who always finds a way to make my size fashionable.

As a curvy sized woman, I understand the struggles of finding cute outfits, feeling comfortable wearing certain styles of clothing, and just overall being confident enough to feel comfortable in your own skin.

I decided to create this web space as a place to share my memorable travel and curvy fashion tips with you . My hopes are that they encourage you to step out of your comfort zone, go somewhere you’ve never been, wear that outfit you always questioned wearing and feel empowered being yourself!

Come wander with me!


Wandering Stefany

Meet Gordi, the man behind the camera.

Gordi is also a San Francisco Native. Gordi’s high energy and contagious laugh always lights fire to any environment.

Gordi finds inspiration in music and books. He enjoys exploring the world and indulging in fine dinning. Gordi also has a passion for plus size fashion. Gordi enjoys dressing up for special occasions and always like to look dapper.

Fun fact: The way to Gordi’s heart is ICE CREAM!

As he likes to say, “Boom! Vamonos Muchachos!”