Curvy Style & Fashion

What does curvy style and fashion mean to you? What thoughts come to your mind when you hear these words. You’ve probably heard of the term plus size, right?! Well, it’s pretty much the same thing. I personally love to use Curvy Size in my vocabulary, instead of Plus Size. Let’s start off with a […]

Ultimate Panamá Layover

Panamá is a major hub for layovers. If you’re stopping at Panamá for a long layover, here are my top recommendations to make the most out of your time in Panama.  Some cool facts about Panama: *The Panama Canal generates one third of the country’s economy *Panama is the only place in the world where […]


Nicaragua is the largest country in Central America. Many say it’s the next Costa Rica as this country is gaining momentum and expanding in development. Nicaragua has definitely exceeded our expectations. There are some hidden gems in this volcanic terrain. There’s something for everyone to explore when you’re in Nicaragua, from historical colonial cities to […]