Does the title of this post not say it all? Oh Greece… stunning, dreamy, beautiful, historic, breathtaking and I could go on and on. Greece is just the way you dreamed it would be. It has amazing food and stunning views. I know that Greece is on everyone’s bucket list and I highly encourage everyone to visit. Gordi and I spent about a week and a half in Greece and were able to explore a few cities and of course, dreamy Santorini.

I vividly remember arriving to our hotel in Santorini and literally stopped and was in awe at how stunning the caldera was. I turned over to Gordi and said “Wow, this is so beautiful it almost feels like it’s fake”. *Check out our Videos tab for a video of our Santorini footage. We got some great drone footage during this trip.

During out trip to Greece we also explored the following cities and towns: Athens, Corinth, Evia Island, Temple of Poseidon, and Nafplio.

Top Recommendation from our trip to Greece:


*Lauda Restaurant in Oia – Michelin Star Restaurant with a wonderful view of Oia

*Cavo Tagoo Hotel, Restaurant and Bar – Posh hotel

*Amoudi Bay – waterfront area with delicious restaurants and a stunning view of Oia

*2 Brothers Bar- laid back bar playing all the jams!

*Artemis Karamelegos Winery- stop by for a tasting of their splendid wine

*Red, black and white beaches on the island – every beach has different color sand and rocks. You’ll enjoy the different landscapes of every beach as they are all so distinct.

*Akro Beach Club-posh beach club serving food and beverage, as well as day beds and lounge chairs.

A heads up – taxis are very expensive in Santorini (about $60USD each way). I highly recommend renting a car during your stay in Santorini, it will be cost effective and you’ll be able to move around the island at anytime you desire.


*Plaka – small town with shops and restaurants

*Little Kook- fun and decorative cafe

I also thought I’d take the time to share some cool facts about Greece that you may not know:

*80% of Greece is made up of mountains

*It’s considered one of the sunniest countries in the world

*There are more than 2,000 islands

*40% of the total population in Greece reside in Athens

Greece is rich and history. Not only is it beautiful, but there’s something for you to do- no matter what you’re into! Every neighborhood, town and island have a different feel. It’s truly wonderful and helps you understand why the Mediterranean life if the best way to live!

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