Ooh-la-la Paris. We only spent one full day and Paris for a long layover during our voyage to Dubai. Before visiting Paris, I had a vision of what in my head I imagined Paris would look like. It was actually completely different from what I imagined. To start, I didn’t expect there to be as much traffic, and there was a lot of it. I didn’t expect it to be as touristy as it was. I don’t know why I though it would be less crowded, but then again it is one of the most popular places in the world!

Nevertheless, it was amazing. The shopping and fashion – to die for. Did I mention the shopping?! Everything about the fashion is an omg moment!

Let’s start with some interesting facts and then dive into our short trip to Paris.

Interesting Facts:

*Paris was originally a Roman City called “Lutetia.

*It’s believed that Paris only has one stop sign in the entire city.

*The Eiffel Tower was supposed to be a temporary installation, intended to stand for 20 years after being built for the 1889 World Fair.

Now, about our short trip to Paris:

We started off our day visiting the Eiffel Tower. We purchased tickets to go up and dine at one of the restaurants. I highly recommend buying your tickets online, as it will save you so much time of standing in line to buy them there at the booth. There are several restaurants at the Eiffel Tower, and they all have different price ranges. Theres something to meet everyone’s price range there.

We then met with our tour guide who drove us across the city in a cute little 2CV Citroen. It was the highlight of our time in Paris. Our tour guide was knowledgeable and so friendly. We drove across all the well known neighborhoods and monuments in Paris. We ended the tour in the Montemarte District. A district that definitely capture the raw and authentic Parisian lifestyle. You could see Parisian families walking around and just going on about their day.

We bought a lot of wine when we were in Paris. I’m waiting for the day when we’re able to return and can explore the South of France as well as Bordeaux. I dream of sipping on Bordeaux, in Bordeaux.

Merci, Paris! We’ll be back!

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