Ultimate Panamá Layover

Panamá is a major hub for layovers. If you’re stopping at Panamá for a long layover, here are my top recommendations to make the most out of your time in Panama. 

Some cool facts about Panama:

*The Panama Canal generates one third of the country’s economy

*Panama is the only place in the world where you can see the sunrise on the Pacific and set on the Atlantic

*Panama was the first Latin American country to adopt the US Dollar to their currency

*There are more than 1,500 islands in Panama

*Panama elected it’s first female president in 1999

Here is how you can make a layover in Panama work:

First, when exiting the terminals, you’ll find a line of tour guides and taxis asking if you need a ride or a tour. I recommend that you talk to a few and ask their pricing for a tour around town within your layover time. Then, negotiate a price for your tour. 

Make sure you stop at the following locations(I highly recommend):

  • Panama Canal- There’s so much history there. You can ask your tour guide, but usually there’s schedules of times when ships are crossing the canal. There’s also a museum before you get to the watch deck. The museum displays notable history about how the canal was built and how it operates
  • Casco Viejo- the old city. This neighborhood is filled with lively restaurants, bars and colonial era landmarks. Bring your camera because this area is a great opportunity to snap some photos of the colonial architecture and you can also snap a cool shot of the city (as pictured below)
  • Flamenco Island- lovely restaurants along the harbor. One of the four small islands next to the entrance of the Panama Canal. Linked to the city by a causeway. 

So now you know…you can make the most out of your time and explore a nice glimpse of the country during a layover.

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